Tymothi Aquino


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Headshot of Tymothi
Headshot of Tymothi

About Me

Hello, my name is Tymothi (or Tym, for short) and I’m a Graphic Designer / Illustrator based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I’ve always wanted to create digital illustrations of my drawings. Born from that desire, I stepped into the world of graphic design. I’m a continuously growing artist and school has provided me with real world skills.


After taking Red River College’s 2-year Graphic Design program, I decided to take their optional 3rd year program, Communication Design. I wanted to strengthen my skills, my portfolio and broaden my horizons. While taking this program, I learned and explored new areas of creativity such as animation and gained further knowledge to everything I learned from the first two years of college.


If you feel interested in working with me, feel free to connect with me!